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Day Don Break is Tomorrow is a New Day’s (TND) brand new radio drama. It features the voices of nationally acclaimed actors who bring to life this gripping story of the challenges people face in the Niger Delta. Day Don Break is unique. It reflects real life challenges, but also inspires people to believe in a future for the Niger Delta with endless possibilities.
‘Day Don Break’ is a drama series focusing on the issues related to development, rebuilding, reconciliation and reintegration in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria before, during, and after the militancy era. It is an entertaining and educative fictional radio programme drawn from real life issues and experiences from the people of the Niger Delta such as post-conflict community life, traumatization, violence, youth gangs, pollution amongst other issues. The radio programme also addresses in a practical manner the healing process as well as the re-integration of community members and community development.
Each drama episode is approximately 15 minutes and there are a total of 26 episodes, each with a relevant topic attached to it that addresses an issue being faced in the Niger Delta.
The Tomorrow is a New Day drama programme ‘Day Don Break’ is presently being aired on 5 radio stations out of which 3 radio stations have a 30-minutes interactive live call-in segment that is anchored by a popular On-air personality and 2 Community-based personalities. The live call-in segment also follows up on the drama topic of the day providing a live broadcast facilitated opportunity for discussion for community members and the general public in the Niger Delta.
EPISODE 1: Causes of pollution and Roles of community leaders in reducing pollution in the community.
In Kobe, we meet Oyowe, a widowed fisherman who lives in Kobe with his adopted daughter, Tosan, a young girl Oyowe found abandoned near the creeks 17 years earlier. He is bitter about the water pollution in their community, that adversely affects his livelihood. In this episode, Oyowe whilst at work fishing, finds a young cult member, Matthew and his gang (the Republicans) dumping toxic waste from illegally-refined crude oil (“kpo-fire”) into the creeks. Oyowe is upset and confronts the youths about their behavior and a confrontation ensues.
EPISODE 2: Causes and effects of violence.
Matthew, his friend, GG, and their gang (the Republicans) plan a violent attack to settle scores with people they perceive as having offended them in their community. They plan in particular to deal violently with Oyowe who has reported Matthew to the authorities for his illegal activities particularly dumping waste into the creeks. In this episode, Matthew and the gang enact their violent plans with tragic and devastating consequences for Oyowe and his adopted daughter, Tosan.
EPISODE 3: Role of leaders and community members in resettling displaced persons.
In Ineama, Sissy Caro, an in-law of the late Oyowe, informs her nephew, Lekya, about the violent tragedy that has befallen their kinsman at the hands of cultists. She reveals that Oyowe was killed by the cultists and his adopted daughter Tosan was raped, with their house also burned to the ground. A mother figure and role model to many in her community, Sissy Caro reveals her decision to bring the now-displaced Tosan to live with them as she has nowhere else to go. Lekya wonders whether Tosan will ever be alright again after her experience.
EPISODE 4: Causes of Traumatization.
Sissy Caro encourages Tosan to try and move on with her life and make something good out of her future in spite of her trauma. In an attempt to encourage Tosan to overcome her trauma, Lekya shares his own past traumatic experience with her in order to give her hope that there is hope of healing. Sissy Caro also requests the help of Timiebi, a young girl active in the community, in befriending Tosan and getting her to come out of her shell.
EPISODE 5: Land ownership and role of community leaders in solving land disputes.
Timiebi’s twin brother, Preye, returns home to Ineama after seven years studying law abroad on a community scholarship. He is shocked to see the devastation caused by inter-community clashes resulting from land disputes between his community and the neighbouring Pulama. When Preye goes to meet the community leader, Chief Adapoku, and the elders, to thank them for their support throughout his studies, the community leaders inform Preye of his duty to sue Pulama over some disputed land that is alleged to contain untapped crude oil. They have decided to seek legal recourse to solving the land dispute.
EPISODE 6: Effects of cultism on the community and social development and how to prevent it.
Preye’s twin sister, Timiebi, updates him on the issues that have been happening in their community. She tells him about the land dispute with Pulama as well as clashes between rival gangs that have resulted in violence and devastating loss of life, property and social development in their community. Preye reveals to Timiebi his reluctance to stir up the land dispute again, particularly since he’s discovered Pulama have legal rights to the land.
In this episode, GG, a cult member, also informs his heavily-pregnant girlfriend, Baridoma, of his decising to return “to the creeks” for illegal cult activities. Baridoma is upset and reminds him of all cultism has cost he and their family personally.
EPISODE 7: Roles of community members in community development.
In this episode, Sissy Caro advises Lekya to leave his “kpo fire” refining business and engage in meaningful legitimate business that would benefit their community.
Timiebi persuades Tosan to interact more with people and join in the community youth group efforts to raise money for the community primary school through a youth funfair.
Lekya also encourages Tosan for the progress she’s made with her recharge card business even as she reveals her plans to set up other businesses in the future and become an employer of labour in the community.
EPISODE 8: Causes and Effects of Displaced People.
Preye loses the land dispute court case against Pulama and as a result, the community, through verbal insults and emotional harassment, victimizes both him and his family. Preye is ostracized and deprived even of his accommodation with his landlord refunding his rent deposit. He is in general made to feel unwelcome and unsafe in the community.
Timiebi is furious about her brother’s treatment and displacement particularly after all her family has done to accomodate displaced people in the community and insists on taking the matter to Sissy Caro who is a respectable and influential woman in their community for advice.
EPISODE 9: The need for peaceful community coexistence.
When the insults and harassment to his family following Preye’s loss of the land dispute escalate to destruction of property and livelihood, his father, Owoeiebi decides to take the matter up with the community leaders suing for a hearing at the next town hall meeting to resolve the issue once and for all.
Timiebi goes to see Sissy Caro, a respected person in the community, to intercede for her family to bring about a peaceful resolution to the situation between her family and the community.  
EPISODE 10: Causes and Effects of Unemployment. 
Tosan meets Alero, an old schoolmate from her childhood in Kobe, who tries to lure Tosan into using her looks to live life in the fast lane. Tosan reveals that she would rather make her own way in the world and create her own employment than wait for anyone to give her a livelihood.  
Life becomes very unbearable for the armed gangs and militants because of the efforts of the security forces, community activism and advocacy and NGOs. This makes Matthew and GG have a reflection of their way of life and wonder if it was worth going into militancy especially because it is no longer lucrative and there are no jobs, particularly for people like them that are school drop outs, without any qualifications.
EPISODE 11: Ways of preventing violence and Roles of community members in violence prevention.
Alero’s ex-boyfriend, Ibiye, has a face with his cousin, Tonye, her current boyfriend, during a family party. Escalation is only prevented by the timely intervention of family members who separate and counsel the two cousins.
GG, by chance in an argument with his father, Loveday, finds out that the family of his sister, Faka’s fiancé had cancelled the proposed wedding after discovering that Faka was a sibling to the notorious GG. GG is infuriated and demands to know the name of the family that shamed his sister so he can claim justice for her but Loveday refuses to divulge the name of the family in order to prevent the violence that often accompanies GG’s brand of justice.
EPISODE 12: Causes of chieftaincy tussles and ways of solving chieftaincy tussles.
Tonye, in an attempt to frustrate his cousin, decides to contest for the same political office as Ibiye to further his vendetta against him. He makes it clear to Ibiye that he does not plan to run a free or fair campaign and is prepared to go to any lengths to prevent his cousin from winning.  In this episode, Tonye also mobilises a group of thugs, led by GG, to strategize means of stopping Ibiye by all means from winning the election.
EPISODE 13: Building trust between security forces and the community.
A new JTF commander, Major Sule, who is posted to the area visits Ineama to meet and greet the council and chiefs and the community at a town hall meeting and to also appeal for everyone’s cooperation in maintaining peace and security in the community. In this episode, Major Sule acknowledges lapses in past relationship between security forces and the community and reveals that the security forces are more than ever committed to working with communities to promote peace and security.

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